Issue 7: Summer 2020

First off, I want to send out a giant cosmic hug from the staff at eMerge! We have received so many elegant and moving submissions for the Summer Edition 2020, that we are excited to share with all of you. For your pleasure and reading enjoyment, we have divided our submissions into a Summer Edition and a Fall Edition (that will be online in October). Also, we have three poets who chose to post audible versions of their poetry online with their poems. I was awestruck by
the difference in listening to the poets read their poems, as opposed to me reading and trying to interpret the tone, mood, and meaning being conveyed. Each and every poem of Wendy Taylor Carlisle’s sent goosebumps up and down my skin. I loved the way her inflection would change with each individual word, and how one could immediately tell what the tone of the poem was. It  was amazing to hear Bill McCloud speed up and slow down…or pause…as he read his poetry. Listening, I could close my eyes and watch the scenes and images he was describing float so
perfectly and effortlessly in my mind. And then reading Laurence Foshee, a young poet from Tulsa, Oklahoma, I admit to being confused, then when I listened to him read his poetry, analysis and interrogation gave way to wonder and paradox. I just laid back, closed my eyes, and enjoyed it.

Also, in this edition of eMerge, we received some interesting and insightful prose and poetry regarding the current pandemic we are all concerned about. We do hope you enjoy both issues as we forge ahead, and enjoy the stories and poetry that will make you laugh, cry, and think deeply on the Earth’s beauty and majesty with a sense of awe. We hope that you will appreciate the humanity that our authors have courageously shared with you and if you get the opportunity, visit our website and listen to one of our podcasts at Write Now at the Writers’ Colony Podcasts!
If you can’t listen, then download a couple of podcasts for your next trip to the Writers’ Colony in Eureka Springs, Arkansas!

We understand that many of you have concerns about traveling at this time, so I have asked our Executive Director, Michelle Hannon, to share her thoughts on what is being done to secure the health and safety of our residence.

Sequester Safely at Dairy Hollow

So much has changed because of this pandemic...
but there are some things that haven’t!

The Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow is still the perfect place for some uninterrupted writing time. A stroll along a nature trail or through the quaint Victorian neighborhoods of Eureka Springs will inspire you.

With her enduring care, Jana will spoil you with delicious weeknight dinners. Because we take COVID-19 very seriously, you can choose to enjoy them delivered to your suite or with other writers in the Great Room, physically-distanced, of course.

When you need to come to the office, though you may not be able to see our broad and happy smiles because of our masks, Michelle, Chad, and Jana will be smiling brightly and so happy to see you! We have established and are following strict COVID-19 protocols to keep you and our staff safe so that you can create without worry. You can find them here.

A writer-in-resident in June, Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg, posted, “[I] just want to vouch for the safety I felt last week at Dairy Hollow. They take the virus seriously, and they do everything possible to keep all -- staff and writers -- safe.” She's returning in August.

The Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow never charges cancellation or change fees, and we are accepting residency reservations through 2021. So if you'd like to support us during these trying times, please make a future reservation you can look forward to. And if you are able to pay a deposit or the cost of your stay now, we would be ever so grateful.

Encouraged and hopeful, we will be here on the other side of this pandemic. The Literary Arts are vitally important, especially right now, and we are dedicated.

Come write now. Or make a future reservation. We cannot wait to see you at Dairy Hollow!

Until Next Time,
I Remain,
Just another Zororastafarian editor feeling like he has gotten fat during the pandemic but bravely tries to keep his chins up…

Table of Contents

  1. Why Poetry
    by Wendy Taylor Carlisle
  2. Better Together Fruit Tart
    by Vallery Lomas
  3. The Other Poet
    by William Bernhardt
  4. Dien Cai Dau
    by Charles Templeton
  5. Eating Phở with my Grandpa
    by Nguyễn Phan Quế Mai
  6. We Were Warriors --- Hell Bent
    by Nikki Hanna
  7. God Forgot
    by Sallie Crotty
  8. Loving Her
    by Bill McCloud
  9. Another Take
    by Lucilla Garrett
  10. The Wonders of the Woods
    by Lynn Packham Larson
  11. I Give What Art Demands
    by Carolyn Dahl
  12. True Heroes
    by Woody Barlow
  13. Hébéphrénique
    by Laurence Foshee
  14. Alexa
    by Ruth Mitchell
  15. She Always Looks Brand New No Matter How Old She Gets
    by Milton Ehrlich
  16. Without Armature
    by Jan Edwards Hemming
  17. An Ordinary Life
    by Jerry Davis
  18. Hibiscus
    by Christy Prahl
  19. Brown Sweater
    by Bill McCloud
  20. Armadillo
    by Wendy Taylor Carlisle
  21. Inferno
    by William Bernhardt
  22. Door Opening
    by Beverly Gordon
  23. On The Couch
    by Milton Ehrlich
  24. The Fine Art of Suspension
    by Carolyn Dahl
  25. Dorothy Bikes Brazilian Backlands
    by Laurence Foshee
  26. I Find Solace in Old Europe
    by Ray Shermer
  27. Blue Mermaid
    by Sandra Jackson-Opoku
  28. At the End of the Road, No Regrets
    by Judy Nickles
  29. I Miss the Fuzzy Dice
    by Jackie Cruz-Wagener
  30. The Fruit Must Drop
    by Lela Tunnell
  31. Up the Boohai
    by Majella Pinto
  32. Old John
    by Andrea A. Firth
  33. Willow Lake Prayer
    by Lela Tunnell
  34. Milk Carton Girl
    by Carolyn Dahl
  35. L'amour à Monte Carlo
    by Ray Shermer
  36. Dorothy Pillories a Kipling Translator to Her Idea of Regina
    by Laurence Foshee
  37. Ivy League Roommates II
    by Milton Ehrlich
  38. Light Language Inscription
    by Beverly Gordon
  39. Love in Four Parts
    by Ray Shermer
  40. Issue 7: Summer 2020
    by Charles Templeton
  41. Late Season
    by Christy Prahl
  42. sun on the outside
    by Chad Gurley
  43. What Are Tears
    by Suzanne Janney Howard

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About the Author

Charles Templeton is the author of the best-selling, surreal historical novel, Boot: A Sorta Novel of Vietnam. When he is not singing at the Metropolitan Opera, you can find him in Eureka Springs, where he is currently an editor/publisher at eMerge, an online literary magazine. Charles wakes up daily and is thankful for the opportunity to offer creative literature to a diverse audience from emerging and established authors. He knows that whatever vicissitudes life throws at him, it will always be better than shovelin’ shit in the South China Sea.