Letter from the Previous Editor

Did you catch that? Previous. Yes, my wife, Sandra, and I are stepping down from our roles as Art editor and Acquisitions editor of one of the best literary magazines currently online, eMerge. Can you tell that I am extremely proud of what we have been able to accomplish? The last five years have been remarkably rewarding for my family, Cat, Sandra, and me. Cat will stay on as the Coding Guru for eMerge as we welcome the Colony’s newest member and current editor of eMerge, Joy Clark on board. It has been both a pleasure and honor for us to be able to encourage and nurture the writers and supporters of the Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow by providing a platform where their voices can be heard, and their humanity shared.

We will provide Joy with our unwavering support in her new role at the Colony and we wish her only the best as she grows and enhances eMerge. It is our sincere desire that you welcome her to our family of creative writers and insightful readers. Thank you for sharing a small piece of your humanity with us over the past few years. You have truly been a blessing to us. So, keep in touch and keep writing. And if you need a place to write ... I know of a wonderful little Colony in the Ozarks!

As the Sun sets in the West,
I Remain,
Just another old cattle rustling Zororastafarian trying to figure out why he is getting older and wider instead of older and wiser ...

Table of Contents

  1. Bare Back Riding
    by Al Larson
  2. Jake
    by Morris McCorvey
  3. 2020 Sunsets -October - “Color My World with Hope”
    by Peggy Kjelgaard
  4. Good Bones
    by Judy Nickles
  5. Birthday of the Unknown
    by Bill McCloud
  6. Late Night Walk–1967
    by Natalie Reid
  7. Piano Lessons
    by Zhenya Yevtushenko
  8. Sorting
    by Belinda Bruner
  9. The Rain Returns
    by Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg
  10. Dragon Ride
    by Melissa Milton
  11. The Noble Animal*
    by Charles Templeton
  12. Death Sonnets
    by Wendy Taylor Carlisle
  13. 2020 Sunsets -November - “Changing Seasons and Life Goes On”
    by Peggy Kjelgaard
  14. LOVE (Unexpectedly)
    by Bill McCloud
  15. How To Deal After A Disturbingly Idyllic Breakup
    by Brianne Grothe
  16. German-Style Beef, Beets, and Noodle Bowl
    by Anna Gall
  17. The Blossoms
    by Ann Privateer
  18. A New Season
    by Joan Roberts
  19. A Letter from Gibs to Gabby
    by Matilda Pinto
  20. God in All of This
    by Sheryl Loeffler
  21. The Last Night
    by Zhenya Yevtushenko
  22. Caesural Leaps – Elegy for ‘Mad Mac’ MacDonald
    by Laurence Foshee
  23. 2020 Sunsets - December - “Ray of Morning Hope”
    by Peggy Kjelgaard
  24. Where Monsters Wait
    by Kenneth Weene
  25. The Lover
    by Fred Yu
  26. I Have
    by Ray Shermer
  27. Before You Are Gone
    by Alison Schuh Hawsey
  28. The Crowd
    by Pedro Henrique da Silva Lino
  29. Every dark day brings the promise of a bright day with it.
    by Anchal Singh
  30. The World of Incident
    by Patsy Creedy
  31. An American Christmas Story, 1991
    by Deirdre Fagan
  32. Once Upon a Time …
    by Pedro Henrique da Silva Lino
  33. Wien, the Imperial City of Music
    by Ray Shermer
  34. Of Hilltops and Valleys
    by Deepa Davy
  35. Echoed Church Bells
    by Anna Gall
  36. Morals About Marilyn
    by Ellaraine Lockie
  37. Cold and Wet
    by Fred Yu
  38. Three Star Poems
    by Darren Chase
  39. Godless Anger
    by Patsy Creedy
  40. Who Will Cry?
    by Anchal Singh
  41. Letter from the Previous Editor
    by Charles Templeton
  42. Letter from the Incoming Editor
    by Joy Clark

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Charles Templeton is an Editor Emeritus of eMerge, the online magazine of The Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow, and the author of the Amazon bestselling novel, Boot: A Sorta Novel of Vietnam. Charles also compiled and edited The Dairy Hollow Exco: An Anthology of Selected Works from eMerge, the Online Magazine of the Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow.