Before You Are Gone

Sirens sing in the background, but they feel as if they're next to me
The breeze is lovely, and the sunshine is crisp
This new day has begun with a softness like a pillow or a slipper
I feel love surround me
I feel a tickle on my nose
My neck is loosening
My mind is still unsure of the direction
Missing you remains at the forefront
I think when you leave your body, we'll be closer than ever
The shadows on the porch and the surroundings are full of memories
Lunches and dinners with the kids
Unlimited bubbles and long talks
Our mini book club
Hiding spot with Hersey Kisses
And the always full cookie jar
The brownies from the special pan
And the shelf of favorite snacks for the kids
Candyland and marbles
Songs from the piano
The creak of the screen door and the squeak of the hallway floor
Your special chair and naps
Angels in every room
A memory shared about each piece of glass
Afternoons to the antique shops and lunch at Cribs
Terrified of your driving
Your wrinkled hands sending loving notes and a treat to the kids
Your compassion for each person to be who they are and your smile that says I love you
Your waddling walk and your droopy eyelids
Outings to the Hallmark store and your love for wrapping each gift
Your feet hurt, sleepless nights, and coughing.
Enjoyment of detective shows and the cooking channels
Lunches at Lizards
Sleepovers with grandkids and stories about spitballs on the ceiling
A green thumb and never dying ferns
Coloring books
IHOP breakfast
Wind chimes, butterflies, and bird feeders
Unlimited advice
Kindness to foes
Volunteering and Senior Adult Newsletter
Sunday school and Christmas lunch for the ladies
Friday night dinner with friends
And never-ending love

As the wind swishes
The memories touch my thoughts
Tears cool my eyes
My cheeks feel each moment
These memories will forever live as long as the sun rises and sets

So many tears will be shared
Each filled with love for a woman who shared endlessly with all.

The author would like to dedicate this to her mother-in-law Betty Hawsey and her sister-in-law Laura Hawsey, a nurse who was able to be with Betty at the end. The poem is also dedicated to all healthcare employees, firefighters, police officers, and everyone in-between who continue to take care of all our loved ones that were unable to be with her at the end.

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Over twenty years ago, I began to study and practice Reiki, Mindfulness, and Intuition, leading from working in marketing and communications in corporate American to becoming an Energy Worker, Intuitive Coach/Mentor, Podcaster, and Writer. I live each day with purpose by trusting my vibes to uncover the next adventure. One being working through my insecurities to transform my writing into published work. It is my hope that these shared experiences, aha moments, and funny stories can help you connect to your own whispers of wisdom.

Alison Schuh Hawsey
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