I own the grace of Attention
I speak and everyone listens
They absorb my speech as if I were the Pope, the Führer, the prophet of end of the times

“Oh, Bravo!” They acclaim while their ears cry
Their life now have changed

I know how to be heard
Listened by fervently crowds

Graciously fervent crowds

“And what is all that for?” I, then, ask

If still there’s just few people who really listen to their own selves?

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About the Author

Pedro Lino is one of those "nefelibata" kids: that person who lives introverted within their own imagination. Mostly, a polyglot who doesn't speak all that often. In the end, he's nothing but a writer. Still, he occasionally tries to stop writing, but just can't. You may find him daydreaming all along.

Pedro Henrique da Silva Lino
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