Once Upon a Time …

Once upon a time there was this little guy
Who indeed didn’t believe in Love
Who indeed didn’t believe in Happiness
Yet he would still see, in his horizon, in his pathway
In some place somewhere
Maybe in a far-far-away-kingdom
A happily forever after

And his mind was like a purgatory
Made of souls that would insist
To go all way to hell

Because he’d feel nothing
But pain
Because he’d hear nothing
But agony
His soul’s had been drained by the darkness
And now it shines
All of his nightmares

Once upon a time there was this little guy
Who indeed had a belief

Maybe it all just is an illusion
He said
This painful search for meanings
This little guy wants more!
Maybe a lifetime love, full of ink, full of paper
Full of suffering

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About the Author

Pedro Lino is one of those "nefelibata" kids: that person who lives introverted within their own imagination. Mostly, a polyglot who doesn't speak all that often. In the end, he's nothing but a writer. Still, he occasionally tries to stop writing, but just can't. You may find him daydreaming all along.

Pedro Henrique da Silva Lino
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