Under My Canopy

Prickly with a gentle touch.
The sweet smell of childhood.
Sap sticking to my fingers as I sweep the needles with my hands, making a bed to lay my head and be still.
Still enough to watch the creepy crawly bugs marching on your branches.
Still enough, a small bird pops in to work on their nest.
Still enough to hear my mother calling me, knowing she cannot see that I am just a few steps away.
Still enough, I can feel the sun trying to penetrate the needles and shine on your spring branches.
Still enough, I see your skin is brown, black, green, and blue with a hint of mustard yellow.
Still enough, I wonder how many needles you carry and how many you have lost.
Still enough, I have convinced myself when winter arrives, I’m going to climb to your peak and crown you with lights.
Still enough, I wake up and realize I no longer want to be still.
Your canopy is grand.
Your shade is inviting.
Thank you for sharing your space where I can be me while I am hiding.

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Over twenty years ago, I began to study and practice Reiki, Mindfulness, and Intuition, leading from working in marketing and communications in corporate American to becoming an Energy Worker, Intuitive Coach/Mentor, Podcaster, and Writer. I live each day with purpose by trusting my vibes to uncover the next adventure. One being working through my insecurities to transform my writing into published work. It is my hope that these shared experiences, aha moments, and funny stories can help you connect to your own whispers of wisdom.

Alison Schuh Hawsey
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