Issue 11: Summer 2021

Hello everyone, and Welcome to this issue of eMerge! It seems as though time has flown since Covid arrived. As Groucho Marx once so eloquently put it, “Time flies like an arrow, fruit flies like a banana.” Once again, creativity and innovation abound in this issue. This creativity is given wings by our Executive Director and staff at the Colony and affirmed by a phenomenal Board of Directors. Our alums and champions continue to provide the Colony with support, financial and/or emotional, which is esteemed by our writing community.

A Reminder: Submissions to eMerge, for the publishing year 2022, will be open on August 1, 2021, until October 1, 2021.  So, you have TWO full months to deliberate, plan, write, fusticate (a combination of fuss and explicate, where you find yourself involved in excruciating detail over the appropriate word to use in a piece you are writing, instead of writing!) and ruminate over the work you wish to submit.

We genuinely love to read all of your submissions and appreciate your efforts and courage in sharing a piece of yourself with eMerge and our reading audience. The caliber of work submitted continues to amaze and reaffirm our beliefs in the power of the written word. Your work is what we believe to be one of the foundations of becoming human and why we continue to provide a sanctuary for writers from all over the world.

The Dairy Hollow Echo, an anthology of prose and poetry taken from selections of eMerge, will be out by September (hopefully)! The goals of this publication were twofold: 1) provide a printed platform for many of our previously published authors and 2) raise money for our Scholarship Fund and eMerge. All proceeds from the sale of the Dairy Hollow Echo will go toward these two worthy projects.

Until Next Time,
I Remain,
Just another Zororastafarian Editor who thinks that stressed spelled backwards is desserts, is not a coincidence!

Table of Contents

  1. After School
    by Belinda Bruner
  2. MY Cousin
    by Mary Lewis
  3. 2020 Sunsets - July - “Reflection of Serenity and Tranquility”
    by Peggy Kjelgaard
  4. Moon Shadows
    by Joan Roberts
  5. Is Democracy a Natural State of Mankind?
    by Tim Hackler
  6. Notes Toward or Away from Something
    by Adrian Frost
  7. Lyrical Pink
    by Ruth Nasrullah
  8. Escaping
    by Pedro Henrique da Silva Lino
  9. Ancient Poetry Slam
    by Fred Yu
  10. Oatmeal - Fruit - Nut Crumb Cake
    by Anna Gall
  11. from Dorothy Amid the Sao Paulo Riots, May 14th, 2006
    by Laurence Foshee
  12. Kaput
    by Wendy Taylor Carlisle
  13. 2020 Sunsets - August - “Reflection of Serenity and Tranquility”
    by Peggy Kjelgaard
  14. BOOM!
    by Morris McCorvey
  15. Compliance at a Roadside Detainment
    by Bill McCloud
  16. At the Crossroads
    by Matilda Pinto
  17. Happy People
    by Ann Privateer
  18. The Last Light of the Year
    by Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg
  19. Oil Poached Salmon
    by Fred Yu
  20. “Elizabeth’s Moonbeams”
    by Melissa Milton
  21. Angelina Jolie’s Lips
    by Sheryl Loeffler
  22. Listening to Messiaen September, 2020
    by Kenneth Weene
  23. 2020 Sunsets - September - “Bold and Brave”
    by Peggy Kjelgaard
  24. An Updated Mind
    by Ray Shermer
  25. The Opening
    by Elaine Blanchard
  26. Shiny Sky
    by Pedro Henrique da Silva Lino
  27. Deluge
    by Gale Acuff
  28. James the Moose
    by Zhenya Yevtushenko
  29. The Awakening
    by John L. Swainston
  30. Hot and Dry
    by Fred Yu
  31. The Wanderer
    by Fred Yu
  32. An Afternoon in June
    by Anna Robertson
  33. How to Become Invisible
    by Sheryl Loeffler
  34. Seashells
    by Anna Gall
  35. They say God makes paintings in the form of sunsets. I must say ... he is an amazing artist!
    by Anchal Singh
  36. To escape and sit quietly on the terrace, seeing the sunset, feels like some kind of paradise.
    by Anchal Singh
  37. The Observer
    by Zhenya Yevtushenko
  38. The Thumbelina Chronicles
    by Sangeetha Amarnath Kamath
  39. Pledge of Allegiance
    by Lauren Ferebee
  40. Issue 11: Summer 2021
    by Charles Templeton

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About the Author

Charles Templeton is an Editor Emeritus of eMerge, the online magazine of The Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow, and the author of the Amazon bestselling novel, Boot: A Sorta Novel of Vietnam. Charles also compiled and edited The Dairy Hollow Exco: An Anthology of Selected Works from eMerge, the Online Magazine of the Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow.