Listening to Messiaen September, 2020

Making sense is overrated
better the gibberings of mad men.
Address the homeless;
tell them the latest numbers
fresh from randomization.
As long as there are numbers
science requires no sanity.
Reassure those who peddle nonsense,
who call politicians friends.
Keep count, careful inventory.
Talk about the missing;
the numbers by definition
will add in the end.
Double entry each atrocity.
Tabulate the numbers of the dead.
Civilization has grown no wiser;
we cannot stop the plague of men.
Carefully keep track
and give number to the dead.

Nous sommes tous condamnés.
We are all doomed.

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Sometimes Ken Weene writes to exorcise demons. Sometimes characters in his head demand to be heard. Sometimes he writes hoping what he has to say might amuse or inform. Mostly, however, he writes because it is a cheaper addiction than drugs, an easier than going to the gym, and a more sociable outlet than sitting at McDonald's drinking coffee with other old farts: in brief it keeps him a bit younger and more alive. The result has been a lot of words.

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