An Updated Mind

He rode the comet’s tail through life arriving to report-
Coded sense of images, pretend imagination.
Stormy waves of drowning thoughts across a morbid sea.
A rushing cyclone of the brain, whitecaps opalescent.
There is a place, she says, to update his latest project.
Where rainbows shine and hearts divine
With sparking shores of freedom.
There’s peaceful waves and ice cream days.
No right or left-brain havoc.
A white coat here, some laughter there,
He felt a bit tangential.
He followed her into a room.
To see so many people.
Some wires ascribed.
A light described,
The rest, not long remembered.

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About the Author

Ray spent 21 years in radio broadcasting followed by 27 years as a real estate appraiser. He taught real estate appraisal at the University of Missouri, Ozarks Technical Community College and St. Charles Community College. Ray loves writing and always has. After Ray retired he attained the Certificate in Higher Education in Creative Writing from Oxford University. Writing short stories for the Certificate was exciting especially since he was in his seventies. Since then the genre has become his obsession and he loves to write them often. His email is [email protected]

Ray Shermer
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