Notes Toward or Away from Something

Between the thinking hill and the tame hill
The night cattle foraging against the hedge
And the grey heads of the weeds are broken
The map of love molded out of mud
The winds' strokes denting the flat rivers surface
You took off you're summer dress
Shaped you're arms like Yeats's swan
Dived into the waters
I slipped into the ripple of your wake

We lay in the loving shadows of my ghost
The smell of buttermilk on your breath
Your lips left a red cracked heart at my throat
The twist of your limbs making loving longer
The Buick's tracks  in the thigh high grass field
Your voice doubled upward and downward
I'm the back seat of the Buick with the heater on

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About the Author

Adrian Frost is a sculptor, installation artist, performance/recording artist, poet/filmmaker, and writer. He was born in Cornwall, England and attended St. Martin’s in London. He was a visiting professor at London University, Reading University, Kingston College in the UK and the Art Institute in Bergen, Norway. His U.S. teaching credits include visiting artist/professor at UC Davis, University of Chicago Midwest, Warwick CC, Rhode Island, and Poughkeepsie CC, NY. His paintings and sculpture have been exhibited in Britain, Australia and the U.S. He currently resides in Eureka Springs, AR.

Adrian Frost
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