Who Will Cry?

When someone leaves us

Their part in our life

Leaves with them.

It feels like nothing is

Left in our life

Everything is over.

Days and years pass by

Thinking about them

We have nothing

But regret and tears.

We wish we could have appreciated them

Realized their importance

In our lives.

Said the things we always wanted

To say.

With tears in our eyes

We think they never left us

It was just an illusion

Nothing else.

We know that nothing is permanent

Whether it's pain or happiness

Still when someone leaves

Their part in our life

Leaves with them.

The emptiness and regret

Always remains with us.

Who knew

It was last good bye?

But maybe that's life.

If there's life

There must be death.

And in that process life

Never waits for anyone.

People move on

Life goes on

Nothing remains in the same.

But in that same process

We realize a better truth

The day you leave people

Is the day

They start giving value to you

And your words.

The day you leave people

Is the day

They will realize you.

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About the Author

Anchal Singh is a blogger, writer and poet who reflects different aspects of life through her writings. She was born and brought up in India in a joint family. She believes that be it anything, either you should give it all, or you shouldn't care at all. There's nothing in between. She says you cannot change your life but you can change the way you live and that will surely change your life. Her motto is to do something for the mankind and humanity. In free time, she likes to cook, make paintings and find new hobbies and skills to learn. She wants to express her feelings through her words.

Anchal Singh
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