Godless Anger

Godless anger
Shapeless shape

I’ve got these explosions
Going on in my head

What are you building
With your spiritual tendencies

Word thief mystic
Universal Rembrandt

Routine is the mantra
Of wanting

We are a solar system
Tiny planetary universes

Following the rules
A heresy

The fire cooks
its sages

In a three legged pot
You got to get in

the cauldron
is important

old man’s head on Zoom
looks like an infant

mind like a mirror
come back to zero

and the opening of the sea

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About the Author

Patsy Creedy lives in San Francisco, California. She has published poetry and creative nonfiction in several publications including Transfer Magazine, Dragon’s Leap, Inlandia, RCVRY Quarterly and Your Golden Sun Still Shines, an anthology of San Francisco stories. She has a memoir coming out in early 2021, ‘Without Her, Memoir of a Family,’ by Atmosphere Press. She was a resident at Dairy Hollow in the fall of 2019.

Patsy Creedy
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