2020 Sunsets -October - “Color My World with Hope”

Introduction:  The ‘stay at home’ regimen of 2020 due to the pandemic had many down sides, but it did have one upside for myself.  Staying at home gave me the excuse to spend more time observing all the beautiful aspects of nature in our own back yard.  One of the most healing observations for me were the sunsets.  At the end of each day, no matter how devasting the news of all the sickness and sadness felt, the sunset always gave me some feeling of hope for things to get better.  I have selected a sunset for each month during the 2020 Year of COVID-19 and will share with you the healing thoughts they presented for me.

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Peggy Kjelgaard has served as a global consultant in the field of Knowledge Management in the private sector, a teacher educator in the university setting, and as a regular elementary and special education teacher.

In 2004, Peggy retired and moved to Eureka Springs to focus on writing. She published her first novel, Birthmark of Evil, in 2013. She served as Executive Director for the Eureka Springs School of the Arts in 2006. She's served on various governing boards, including the Eureka Springs Arts Council, Equity Bank Advisory Board, local school boards, and the Writer’s Colony.

Peggy Kjelgaard
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