True Heroes

As she settled uncomfortably
On the linoleum floor
Tired beyond words
I gave an oath! She thought
She had not seen her children in weeks
In fear of spreading Covid-19
To her family

Poor food
Intermittent sleep
Reused masks and PPE’s
Death at every turn
For doctors and nurses
And other colleges
Now just more covered bodies

The less dedicated quit
From frustration
And fear
And lack of support
The struggle was real
For those who remained
As another patient flat lined

Why fight for the next patient
Struggling to breathe?
With no family allowed
To die alone
With only a respirator as company
Not while I live, she thought.

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About the Author

Woody Barlow was born in Kansas City, Missouri, and raised in Olathe, Kansas. He is the author of Tarzan Wore Chaps and The Aluminum Ballet.

Woody Barlow
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