The Combat Veteran

The war is over
Everywhere but in his mind
He comes back…
Back to a world where pride and service
Are just words
Back to a world where a man’s word
Means nothing more
Than the breath it takes to expend it
He comes back…
Back to those who haven’t seen
The hollow look of fear
Or smelled the stench of death
He comes back…
He brought back memories of his friends
Comrades who never age
And never leave his thoughts
Where then, will his epitaph be written?

Among the Stars and Stripes
Where so many men and women
Who had nothing more than their lives to give

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About the Author

Woody Barlow was born in Kansas City, Missouri, and raised in Olathe, Kansas. He is the author of Tarzan Wore Chaps and The Aluminum Ballet.

Woody Barlow
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