Brown Sweater

Sol works the polling place at
the corner of Charming and 73rd
Last night he laid out his brown
sweater He brought his lunch with
him so he would not have to leave
his table except for the three
times he went to the men’s room
and even then he made it fast
Sol knows his work is important
and brings him in touch with
so many people from the
neighborhood and he knows
they all seem to understand how
important his job is as he hands
each one a sticker that says
I Voted and he straightens out
a wrinkle in his sweater and wishes
that every day was election day

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About the Author

Bill McCloud is a poetry editor for the Right Hand Pointing literary journal and is the poetry reviewer for Vietnam Veterans of America. His poetry book, The Smell of the Light, reached #1 on The Oklahoman’s “Oklahoma Bestsellers List." His poems have appeared in Oklahoma Today and the Oklahoma English Journal. He is a faculty member of William Bernhardt’s annual WriterCon, presenting sessions on writing and publishing poetry.

Bill McCloud
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