Writing My Story

One typo
Every time I write the word years
it always comes out as tears

And that scar down your cheek
That mysterious scar that
speaks of childhood accidents
or dangerous traffic on the road
or violence you faced head-on
shines there like an outtake
from an old Dylan album of a
version few people have heard
of a still important song

And writing my story every time
I type out years the piece of
technology supposedly at my bidding
changes the word to tears

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About the Author

Bill McCloud is a poetry editor for the Right Hand Pointing literary journal and is the poetry reviewer for Vietnam Veterans of America. His poetry book, The Smell of the Light, reached #1 on The Oklahoman’s “Oklahoma Bestsellers List." His poems have appeared in Oklahoma Today and the Oklahoma English Journal. He is a faculty member of William Bernhardt’s annual WriterCon, presenting sessions on writing and publishing poetry.

Bill McCloud
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