Suburban Response (for J.)

She steps out into the privacy
of her overgrown back yard
Steps out into the crisp night air
Looks up toward the full moon
beginning to feel its embrace
Steps out of her flowing robe
Her silky silken flowing robe
that silently falls to her feet
in the shape of a continent
She now stands unadorned
Nothing between her bare skin
and the moon’s geography
except eons of unwritten past
She twirls in joy and looks
up again at the moon
spreads her arms wide and
as all else grows silent
begins her full-throated howl

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About the Author

Bill McCloud is a poetry editor for the Right Hand Pointing literary journal and is the poetry reviewer for Vietnam Veterans of America. His poetry book, The Smell of the Light, reached #1 on The Oklahoman’s “Oklahoma Bestsellers List." His poems have appeared in Oklahoma Today and the Oklahoma English Journal. He is a faculty member of William Bernhardt’s annual WriterCon, presenting sessions on writing and publishing poetry.

Bill McCloud
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