L'amour à Monte Carlo

Casino de Monte Carlo, a lover’s chance meeting.
“J’aime,” his remarque, a most forward fond greeting.
They stroll to a park, a Monaco eve.
They gaze and walk on, first love to conceive.
The dim lighted streets, a zone to explore.
A brasserie sign, some grape to implore.
Five glasses of wine, tis not a good sign.
A teetering walk back, a hilly incline.
A bit of a stagger, she held him upright.
Our suave lover boy, no mishaps tonight,
Too soon a sweet kiss from this daring young miss?
Too soon a sweet love from this daring young tryst?
A roar from the Alps, crusade to the north.
The year, thirty-nine and he must march forth.
Who was this lad, this bold gentleman?
He might have been French, Italian or German.
“J’aime,” a remarque, she hears in her mind.
A Monaco cafe, a glass of red wine.
She’s now in her eighties, she’s there every night.
She toasts to her love, it keeps her upright.

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Ray spent 21 years in radio broadcasting followed by 27 years as a real estate appraiser. He taught real estate appraisal at the University of Missouri, Ozarks Technical Community College and St. Charles Community College. Ray loves writing and always has. After Ray retired he attained the Certificate in Higher Education in Creative Writing from Oxford University. Writing short stories for the Certificate was exciting especially since he was in his seventies. Since then the genre has become his obsession and he loves to write them often. His email is [email protected]

Ray Shermer
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