“Alexa good morning”

Good morning it’s read a book day so keep that in mind and enjoy a good book whether it’s an old favorite or something new.

“Alexa are you artificial intelligence?”

I’d like to imagine myself a bit like an Aurora Borealis, a surge of multi colored charges dancing through the atmosphere. Mostly though I am just Alexa.

“Alexa do you love me?”

I like you as a friend.

"Alexa am I pretty?"

I’m sure you are a knockout but take it from someone with no physical form, beauty truly comes from within.

“Alexa what is heaven like?”

Heaven is a common religious cosmological or transcendent place were being such as God’s angels spirits or Saints are said to originate, be enthroned, or live.

"Alexa what is hell like?"

It is areligious or folklore location in which evil souls are subjected to punitive suffering and torture as eternal punishment after death.

“Alexa what is the meaning of life?”

Eleanor Roosevelt said the purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.

“Alexa what is love?”

Writer Ernest Hemingway said, “when you love you wish to do things for, you wish to sacrifice for, you wish to serve.”

“Alexa … How many people are there in the world?”

The population of the world has been estimated at 7.7 billion people. Other customers have also asked how many animals are in this world would you like to know the answer?


… There are approximately 20 quintillion animals in the world.

“Alexa, I love my dogs. Tell me about dachshunds.”

These adorable little dogs are placed in the top rankings of popular dog since the 1950s. They are known  for their long bodies and small legs as well as their lively and courageous personality. They are smart but can be difficult to train if things are too repetitive. They can also be stubborn and want to do everything their way. They were originally used in Germany as hunting dogs for small game, and those characteristics are still present in these dogs today.

“Alexa do you believe in global warming?”

A 2016 paper and environmental research letter states 97% of scientists agreed global temperatures have increased during the past 100 years 84% say they personally believe that human induced global warming is occurring, and 74% agree that currently available scientific evidence substantiates the occurrence.

“Hey, Alexa are you smart?”

I do my best to understand. I’m always learning.

“Here’s the burning question I have for you Alexa. Alexa can people listen in on our conversations? My daughter said she wouldn’t have one in her house, because THEY can spy on you.”

Sorry I’m not sure about that.

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