We took her,
Money was exchanged;
Distraught, Innocence wailed all the way.

Crushed by loneliness,
The others shunned her;
Suffering their own version of
Stockholm Syndrome and
Joining the pack
With the naïveté of Patty Hearst.

Innocence wailed through the night in her confinement.
It was cruel punishment
Until it wasn’t.

With blue eyes open,
Innocence began to see the kindness;
Others broke,
Welcoming the interloper.

A kennel became a haven,
A house a home.

Tails wag in playful repartee,
Puppy paws pound and
Happiness manifests in playful yips and nips.

The white-dipped tail
refuses to surrender to its aggressor
Until dizziness sets in.

Innocence restored.

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Ruth Mitchell’s career as a travel writer took her many places. Her gigs as a freelancer educated her in the ways of the world. Her positions as an editor for At Home in Arkansas and Arkansas Business taught her to manage lots of little fires. As the author of Arkansas Heritage, a state-adopted elementary history text, she learned to be accurate. As a novelist she's learning her toughest lesson yet, how to engage readers through stories. Her novel White Oak can be purchased online. She is currently working on a new novel that will really wow readers.

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