Heralds of Spring

In March, the heralds of spring
seep through cracks
like the oil spill from my ’65 Chevy.
Their antennaes sniff out food
on the butcher block counter top
to carry home to their castles.

They move in concert
like a flock of birds
separate, yet united.
Helping one another,
with divine purpose, ants
succeed where humanity does not.

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About the Author

Poetry, mixed media, sculpture, painting, and music are my passions. Meditation, Tai Chi, drumming, photography, nature, and helping people connect with themselves and their work through visual journaling are other activities I enjoy. My poems and art have been published, and my art has been exhibited in museums, galleries, and other venues. I create at Earthglow Studios on the half acre where I live with two yorkies and a small, fruit-loop-colored sun conure in Oklahoma.