Issue 13: Winter 2022

Dear Friends of eMerge,

Happy 2022! I am thrilled to put the first issue of the year in your (digital) hands. eMerge continues to grow and reach readers all across the globe because of the incredible support of the staff and Board of Directors at the Writers' Colony at Dairy Hollow. Additionally, our community of readers and writers offer their support in a myriad of ways, creating space for wonder, wisdom, and connection in this publication. My heartfelt gratitude goes out to you all. Finally, I want to thank Charles and Sandra Templeton, and Cat Templeton, who have exhibited an extraordinary amount of thoughtfulness and patience in helping me learn the ropes.

Throughout 2021, Charles Templeton nurtured and developed eMerge in exciting directions. The release of the Dairy Hollow Echo in September was met with great enthusiasm, and soon the Dairy Hollow Echo climbed to the top of Amazon's #1 Best Seller Lists in both Poetry Anthologies and Short Story Anthologies. The website data shows that eMerge has continued to grow it's outreach, with readers now being well into the thousands and climbing. We are so thrilled you are all here with us on this incredible journey, and look forward to seeing how we can continue this forward momentum in 2022.

The Winter 2022 Issue features a wealth of diverse voices, perspectives, and insights into the mysteries of existence. Here you will find musings on what it means to love another, how nature reflects us back to ourselves, and the resiliency of the human spirit amidst illness and oppression. The pieces selected are often contemplative and carry layers of hidden meaning, which I find perfect for reading and rereading on cold winter nights. But there are also a few lighthearted gems sprinkled in to offer a delicate counterpoint, like adding a little honey to a warm beverage.

I hope there's something in here that feels like it was written just for you.

Until next time,

Joy Clark

Table of Contents

  1. We Hold These Truths
    by Megan Kirk
  2. Little Green Lies
    by Patricia Carlozzi
  3. Half and Half
    by Kristin Hunt
  4. Chiaroscuro
    by Francis Hicks
  5. Therapy In 13 Lines
    by Francis Hicks
  6. Acquisitions
    by Michele Mekel
  7. One more thing
    by Jamie Lynn Heller
  8. Pandemic Time
    by Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg
  9. A Portrait of Madness
    by DW McKinney
  10. When We Were Kestrels
    by Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg
  11. Love Not Hate
    by Megan Kirk
  12. Forgetting Yesterday and Forgiving Tomorrow
    by Dani Kuntz
  13. Italian Stone Soup
    by Anna Gall
  14. Questions Without Answers
    by George Freek
  15. Dark Birds
    by Lynn Packham Larson
  16. Currents
    by Joan Baril
  17. On Being an Old Woman with a Young Dog
    by Ruth Weinstein
  18. The Snake in the Garden
    by Ruth Weinstein
  19. The Storm
    by John L. Swainston
  20. Peppermint on the Lamb
    by Violet Treadwell Hull
  21. Buying Chalk for Making Milk
    by Violet Treadwell Hull
  22. Handbags
    by Sheri Bancroft
  23. I Am Not
    by Fred Yu
  24. The Disorderly Order of the Forest
    by Ruth Nasrullah
  25. The Bird Watcher
    by Catherine Buercklin
  26. A Week
    by Bill McCloud
  27. Feeling Better
    by Bill McCloud
  28. Releasing the Night
    by Michelle Jones
  29. I sip white wine with the undertaker’s daughter
    by Liza Wolff-Francis
  30. Weight of Earth
    by Liza Wolff-Francis
  31. December and Everything After
    by simone j. banks
  32. White As Snow
    by Joan Roberts
  33. Embrace Loneliness
    by Pei-Ching Tseng
  34. Prayer for My Son
    by Kate Kaiser
  35. Moonlight
    by Pedro Henrique da Silva Lino
  36. Revenge
    by Lonnie Whitaker
  37. How to Write a Found Poem
    by Greg Zeck
  38. Two Dogs, Chained
    by Scarlett Savoy
  39. Howling Away Our Hats
    by Scarlett Savoy
  40. Saying Goodbye to Gold Castle
    by Amy Taylor
  41. Pushcart Nominees for 2022
    by Charles Templeton
  42. Issue 13: Winter 2022
    by Joy Clark

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About the Author

Joy Clark received her MFA from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, AR in 2020. She works for the local nonprofits Art Ventures and The Writers Colony at Dairy Hollow, and is the new 2022 editor for eMerge. Her work can be read in places such as The Kenyon Review Online, Pleiades Magazine, and Bayou Magazine.

Joy Clark
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