Therapy In 13 Lines

I can find no other passion
taken from the life I’ve lived.
Gone is devotion to a notion.
Gone the sureness of doctrinal purity.
Gone the group that held me close
and condemned me all at once.
Gone the blind trust that obscures fear.

“Go on.”
“Well, I woke up and it was gone.”
“Go on.”
“Gone. What else can I say?”
“What was gone?”
“Inside. What was inside.”

Delusion has sat on the top of my brain
for years and years at a time.
I had regret, but woke up.
Then, awake, I had regret
and wanted to sleep.
Now I am here,
wondering why.

“What was inside?”
“I do not know—
that’s why I’m here.”
“Then what? Go on.”
“I do not know—
that’s why I’m here.”
“Go on.”

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About the Author

Francis Hicks moved to the Oregon coast a while back, which to him is heaven. He walks on the beach most days, gathering inspiration and seashells. His writing has appeared in Emerge Magazine, Ariel Chart Magazine, and several anthologies including Dairy Hollow Echo, The Way The Light Slants, and Life Is A Journey.

Francis Hicks
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