Unlikely Marriage

An Acrostic Poem

Unless one looks out to see the other
never shall they meet.
Lost in self,
incapable of receiving,
knowing nothing of their petitioner's longing.
Even with their dance of romance
love goes undetected;
yearning remaining their only companion.

Many hours spent lost in introspection
amid doubts, fueled by rejection.
Reason departs,
relief found only in self-justification.
Imagine though,
attention to another.
Gaining insight by observation,
everyone can come to know love.

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About the Author

Francis Hicks moved to the Oregon coast a while back, which to him is heaven. He walks on the beach most days, gathering inspiration and seashells. His writing has appeared in Emerge Magazine, Ariel Chart Magazine, and several anthologies including Dairy Hollow Echo, The Way The Light Slants, and Life Is A Journey.

Francis Hicks
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