The Bird Watcher

She sits.
Deciding who
she wants to be
in this moment.
The bird watcher
craves the best
of the day,
like anyone.
An unabated purpose
only animals seem to know.
The pads of their paws
etched with earthy glaze
as they make their way
through moor and mire
to graze on yesterday’s life.
Sometimes it’s their
that leaves her
But more often than not,
it’s the idea that creatures
so wild and gentle
exist in this world at all.

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About the Author

Catherine Buercklin is a contemporary poet who enjoys collaborating with other writers and artists. She’s a sucker for anything covered in chocolate and refuses to choose sides in the coffee vs. tea debate, as she loves them both equally. She feels most at home sitting outside watching birds and imagining what it’s like to live under a mushroom.  She lives in Conway with her banjo-lovin’ husband, Aaron, and her feisty, but loveable cat, Winnifred.

Catherine Buercklin
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