Half and Half

The white liberal racist
Is worse than the redneck

You can spot red from a mile away…

This type of white will convince you they like
You, know you,
By spitting key woke phrases
They will give you lifts in their car because they
Are happy to do and be with you
As long as…

You can go out with this person
And not see a check

You can hang for game night in their living room
With their one other Black friend who is oblivious and asleep
And when you show an inkling of knowing
They will calmly tell you
What they have done
For you
Who you should trust
For you
And who is willing to not be under you so long
As you remain under them
They will learn your hobbies
Skill set
And at the beginning admire you
Once you master
They seek petty wrongs that were made
Clearer to them
Always them
And to follow their lead

They expect to keep leading their prize horse
To a carrot
And feed
Why would you not continue to drink the water?

You may not notice until a considerable
Amount of time has gone by
Or depending of the repetition of said incidents

Shame guilt & loyalty are what they want you to feel
And many don’t make it past this stage
But if you do
And I pray that do…

Be advised to disappear

A white person is not more “for you” because they aim to be in charge
Of your Blackness or welcome it.
Some might say they just as bad as niggas.

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About the Author

Kristin Hunt is an independent artist from Atlanta, GA. Her mediums are poetry & film. She self-published her first chapbook, I’m Much Better on Paper, in 2017. Her second chapbook was released December 17, 2020, ‘Write or Die.” Hunt graduated from Georgia State University with a Bachelors in Journalism. These days she works as a writer & content creator. In April 2021, Hunt was selected for writing residency at Writer’s Colony in Eureka Springs, Arkansas.