I Am Not

I should have been a snare for human connections,
Licensed to coddle egos at risk,
Swimming in words of praise each day,
Drowning in loneliness with each encounter,
But I am not that man.

I could have been the stranger who screamed injustice
To urge those offended to speak,
Riding the glory of a man outraged,
Clawing through the web of blame each day,
But I am not that person.

I would have been the leader who called for action,
Enticed to stand for something,
Bloated from triumph of wish fulfilled,
Enslaved by an ideal I cannot abandon,
But I am a different person.

I wasn’t the hero who sacrificed honor,
Nor the hustler who wrote poems about etiquette,
I’ve forsaken the praise for a glass of wine,
Exchanged the glory for a moment of silence,
Abandoned the triumph for vague simplicity,
To avoid pondering the face of that person.

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About the Author

Fred Yu writes fiction in the Asian Historical Fantasy genre. He is a filmmaker, chef, Feng Shui practitioner, martial artist, and for over a decade was a risk manager in Citigroup. He graduated from New York University majoring in film and television, and has directed a number of documentaries and short films while working in the financial services industry. Yu is currently a full-time writer and lives in New York City.

Fred Yu
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