Issue 14: Spring 2022

Dear Friends of eMerge,

Spring is here, blown in between sunny and cold days, as colorful as a child's birthday party and almost as celebratory. We hope you also find yourself awakening and stretching in the sun. What better way to accompany this turn of the globe than with more prose, poems, recipes, and photos hand-selected to accompany this season!

This issue of eMerge hosts some of my favorite features of Spring. Don't miss the colorful birds  all throughout this issue, such as in Francis Hicks "Early Morning". Or another of my favorite features of spring: rain. There's incessant drizzles in Bruce Robinson's series of "Rain Delay" poems and a storm brewing in Caryn-Mirriam Goldberg's "Who Is At The Door Now?" If you'd like a little taste of the joy of singing along to Ray Charles go check out Suzanne McConnell's "What'd I Say?" Or, in Michelle Jones' celebration of "The Color Green" you'll find a few reasons to keep going and growing throughout the many seasons of life.

eMerge continues to blossom thanks to the support of the Board of Directors and the staff at the Writers' Colony at Dairy Hollow. As former residents know, the Writers' Colony at Dairy Hollow is an incredibly special place that supports and champions writers' of all interests and genres, and has provided the space for so  many books to be conceptualized, written, or edited. And Spring is exactly the Write Time to book a residency, writing retreat, or to sign up for one of the engaging and generative workshops.

As always, a huge thank you to our friends and readers spread all over the map. I so appreciate hearing from you all when something we've published here strikes a meaningful chord or connects with you in some intimate way. So please don't hesitate to reach out via email or social media when you read something you love.

All the best,

Joy Clark

Table of Contents

  1. A Bone of Contention with the Ghost of John Lennon over Strawberry Fields Forever
    by Ruth Weinstein
  2. The Rupture/The Silence
    by simone j. banks
  3. Names
    by Violet Treadwell Hull
  4. What’d I Say?
    by Suzanne McConnell
  5. Orchidaceous: Word of the Day
    by Greg Zeck
  6. Pinwheel Heart
    by Zhenya Yevtushenko
  7. Kiss Bye Kate
    by Kate Kaiser
  8. Traveling
    by Scarlett Savoy
  9. A Gift
    by Sallie Crotty
  10. The Thinnest of Lines
    by Joanie Roberts
  11. Kaleidoscope
    by Joanie Roberts
  12. Reflection
    by Liza Wolff-Francis
  13. Sissina’s Orecchiette with Rapini and Sausage
    by George Plautz
  14. Four Haikus
    by Jacqueline Woven
  15. Ode to Parentheses
    by Catherine Buercklin
  16. Two Guinea Stories
    by Laura Matson Hahn
  17. Famous Poets
    by Catherine Buercklin
  18. Robin Metz
    by Ken Waldman
  19. The Color Green
    by Michelle Jones
  20. Steps to Freedom
    by Elizabeth Marrero
  21. Secrets
    by Elizabeth Marrero
  22. Salina, Kansas
    by Ken Waldman
  23. She Asked
    by Fred Yu
  24. Rain Delay, diminished
    by Bruce Robinson
  25. Rain Delay, impermeable
    by Bruce Robinson
  26. Rain Delay, temps suspendu
    by Bruce Robinson
  27. Rain Delay #2
    by Bruce Robinson
  28. Peach Blossom Spring: On A Painting by Tao Chi
    by George Freek
  29. The Year of the Mattress
    by Anna Gall
  30. Who is At the Door Now?
    by Caryn Mirriam-Goldberg
  31. Blessing
    by Jamie Lynn Heller
  32. The Family Farmhouse
    by Jamie Lynn Heller
  33. Man vs. Nature vs. Self
    by Dani Kuntz
  34. Sturnus
    by Michele Mekel
  35. Opportunity Missed
    by Francis Hicks
  36. Exiting the Airport in Mobile
    by Jessica Cloud
  37. The Night We Never Did It
    by Steve Nelson
  38. Mushrooms on the Way to Pivot Rock
    by Elizabeth Marrero
  39. Early Morning
    by Francis Hicks
  40. Issue 14: Spring 2022
    by Joy Clark

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About the Author

Joy Clark received her MFA from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, AR in 2020. She works for the local nonprofits Art Ventures and The Writers Colony at Dairy Hollow, and is the new 2022 editor for eMerge. Her work can be read in places such as The Kenyon Review Online, Pleiades Magazine, and Bayou Magazine.

Joy Clark
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