Eyes of Earth,

To help another, you
must first watch self,

return to a point
of pivot, begin at Earth,

fan into sky, into
atmosphere. Change

seasons, watch
intentions progress.

Those gone
may return. Steps

we have taken,
we may take again,

even if they were not
intentional. Now,

there is possibility
of slow return,

original sincerity.
Now is not

a foreign word
or time dimension

you don’t understand.
Without saying we make

our now, we see it
in water, in sky.

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About the Author

Liza Wolff-Francis is a poet and writer with an MFA in Creative Writing from Goddard College who served two terms as a member of the Albuquerque Poet Laureate Program's Selection Committee and continues on the organizing committee. Her writing has most recently appeared in the magazine El Palacio: Art, History, and Culture of the Southwest, Steam Ticket, We’Moon, among others. She has a chapbook out called Language of Crossing.

Liza Wolff-Francis
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