Man vs. Nature vs. Self

It is easy to sit yourself down and
write about nature, because it is
simple, but it is beautiful.

Harder to explicate the spiral
your mind takes nightly.
I no longer try to explain it.

But still, I sit still, and
I remember. I don’t want to,
but I do and so I do:

Rushing waters break even in front and smile.
Black sky, bursting light, I capture a maudlin moment.
You say you love me.

Restless black hair, tears of the mind swim
around. Vows are made to be broken I think
when they are broken.

— My mind falls in upon itself.
Trying to think and recall and understand
and make sense. Nature must prevail.

I saw a crane the other day.
Skating at Tucker Creek,
a biker stopped, so I did, too.

The water flowed like a poem
and the crane stood against
the rush like the writer.

It was a nice sight.
A week later I cried, as I do every Friday.
The next day, I gave in.

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About the Author

Dani K. is a recent graduate of Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas, where she studied English-Creative Writing. Currently, she works in analytics at a marketing agency in Little Rock. During her free time, she enjoys hiking, playing PC games, listening to true crime podcasts, and writing about the human condition. Using her poetry, Dani hopes to achieve a sense of empathy with readers.

Dani Kuntz
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