Anatomy and Physiology

When I die, I don’t
want the cat’s papillae
to tear me apart.

I don’t want my flesh
to be stripped
from my bones.

I don’t want the maggots
that gather in Henry’s pocket
to burrow into my orifices.

I want the cat
to smell the decay
rising from my body.

I want it to
walk in its prints
so as not to wake me up.

I want it to
pass through my skeleton
wherever its head can fit.

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About the Author

Dani K. is a recent graduate of Hendrix College in Conway, Arkansas, where she studied English-Creative Writing. Currently, she works in analytics at a marketing agency in Little Rock. During her free time, she enjoys hiking, playing PC games, listening to true crime podcasts, and writing about the human condition. Using her poetry, Dani hopes to achieve a sense of empathy with readers.

Dani Kuntz
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