Solstice Peach

The way the soft skin snaps
And separates as the knife
Runs through it
How the metal thuds when it
Reaches the stone
The crackle of fruit ripping
Away from the pit
As the juice drips onto your hand
Slurping the outside pinky edge
So the floor won’t get sticky
Then you take a bite
Sunset bright
And sigh over the beauty
Of slicing this summer peach
On the solstice

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About the Author

Jessica Neno Cloud was born and raised in Mobile, AL and now resides in Hartsville, SC with her husband Daniel and her two children. She earned her M.A. in English literature at The University of Southern Mississippi. Her poetry can be found online in eMerge magazine, the TEJASCOVIDO project and the online journal Former People. In print, her poem “After the Bath” appeared in Constellations magazine in 2019 and the poem “Stockpile the Sun” was published in the Langdon Review: TEJASCOVIDO in 2020.

Jessica Cloud
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