Maundy Thursday

The girl sat in the middle of the field
With the wind whipping her dark hair
She stared straight ahead holding out
A handful of dandelions

She wore a crown of clover blossoms
And her countenance was carefree
Her mother, many lengths away
Rejoiced across the lawn

She did not notice the others approaching
Her mother began running to her
Attempting to shield her from them
Her mother alone could see the enemies

Though bathed in light she would soon be
Overtaken by a cloud of garnet poison
Issuing unseen from the orifices of all
Those friendly folk

She ran and washed her treasure’s hands
As Jesus washed the feet of his disciples
In the middle of the muddy soccer field
She applied the stinging ointments

And even in her Ursa aspect
She felt as though she failed her star,
The beautiful child, for she wanted her
To trust the world and hope

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About the Author

Jessica Neno Cloud was born and raised in Mobile, AL and now resides in Hartsville, SC with her husband Daniel and her two children. She earned her M.A. in English literature at The University of Southern Mississippi. Her poetry can be found online in eMerge magazine, the TEJASCOVIDO project and the online journal Former People. In print, her poem “After the Bath” appeared in Constellations magazine in 2019 and the poem “Stockpile the Sun” was published in the Langdon Review: TEJASCOVIDO in 2020.

Jessica Cloud
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