Fellatio in the Morning

Love is hard
We will never have what we really want
That cotton candy sunset kind of love
Fellatio in the morning love
Sparkling clean bathroom love

Because all love is a just a picnic two minutes away
From being pissed on by a rainstorm

There is only angry-about-traffic love
Leaky garbage disposal love
The grass-is-too-high kind of love
You can only see sunsets from far away
And cotton candy rots your teeth

No, the reality of love is that it’s just a bring-your-own-anger party for two
Forgive the past but never trust the future
Frolicking in love is
And yet irresistible

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About the Author

Jessica Neno Cloud was born and raised in Mobile, AL and now resides in Hartsville, SC with her husband Daniel and her two children. She earned her M.A. in English literature at The University of Southern Mississippi. Her poetry can be found online in eMerge magazine, the TEJASCOVIDO project and the online journal Former People. In print, her poem “After the Bath” appeared in Constellations magazine in 2019 and the poem “Stockpile the Sun” was published in the Langdon Review: TEJASCOVIDO in 2020.

Jessica Cloud
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