Walking down the circular path
to the vaulted room – Radiation
treatment soon.

Turning the corner, she looked up
smiling at me. She just finished her
treatment. Seven or eight, I think.

Snuggled in her arm, she carried a
Teddy Bear.
“Does that help?” I asked.
She smiled, “Yes.”

The next day walking the path
there he was, sitting on the hand
rail – her Teddy Bear.
“Oh no, look she forgot her bear.”

“No, she didn’t.”
I looked at my guide confused.
“No, she left him for you.”

My Dad always told me that:
real men do not cry.
But I did.

And yes, it helped.

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Currently residing in Gardner, Kansas. Retired Finance Executive, College Adjunct Professor, and Army Veteran. A Writer Colony Alumni and member of the Kansas City Mystic Poet Society. An award-winning poet. His poetry has been published in a variety of magazines and in a recent book about the pandemic.

John L. Swainston
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