Issue 8: Fall 2020

In this edition of eMerge, our writers have provided us with some thought-provoking and insightful prose and poetry. We do hope you will enjoy our newly christened ‘Fall Edition’ as we forge ahead. We have included stories and poetry that will make you laugh and cry, and that will ask you to think deeply about humankind’s condition. We hope you will take a minute or two to appreciate the humanity that our authors have courageously shared with you.

If you get the opportunity, listen to one of our podcasts at Write Now at the Writers’ Colony’s podcasts. Chad Gurley, our Colony Coordinator, conducts the most informative podcast interviews with a variety of writers who stayed at the Colony. If you aspire to write, these are worth a listen!

In an effort to promote and assist our writers with marketing their work, we have formed a WCDH group on Goodreads. You can request to join by going to our WCDH Goodreads Group. We encourage our group to write positive reviews, provide ratings for members, and share with your Goodreads friends.

Until Next Time,
I Remain,
Just another Zororastafarian editor trying to figure out if his bike fell over because it was too tired …

Table of Contents

  1. Looking Good all the Way to the End
    by Zeek Taylor
  2. Grace Found In Difficulty
    by Lynn Packham Larson
  3. Silent Killer
    by Ruth Mitchell
  4. The Combat Veteran
    by Woody Barlow
  5. Ladies Man
    by Philip Cioffari
  6. A Little Color
    by Lela Tunnell
  7. Zoom
    by Wendy Taylor Carlisle
  8. Taken
    by Deirdre Fagan
  9. I Want to Nurse at Your Breath
    by Bill McCloud
  10. Writing a New Story
    by Susan Maki
  11. Finding the Beast
    by Linda Dimitroff
  12. A Child in Danger
    by Bill McCloud
  13. Beware the Night Fiction
    by Chelsea Whittington
  14. Using the Light for Food
    by Beverly Gordon
  15. Afternoon at the Beach Before the Storm
    by Christy Prahl
  16. Sunday Coffee
    by Sallie Crotty
  17. Invictus
    by Jan Edwards Hemming
  18. Why Do They Run?
    by Carolyn Dahl
  19. Sustenance
    by Ruth Nasrullah
  20. Al-Amira
    by Majella Pinto
  21. Pretty Faces
    by Milton Ehrlich
  22. We Walk Larry’s Trail Talking about the Virus, and Socrates’ Death
    by Wendy Taylor Carlisle
  23. Time Travel is More Complicated
    by William Bernhardt
  24. Notes on a Napkin
    by Bill McCloud
  25. The Holler
    by Kathy Attwood
  26. Sophist’s Swoon
    by Laurence Foshee
  27. Middle Class Anxiety
    by Helen Ikerd Johnson
  28. Tree Top Tenor
    by Carolyn Dahl
  29. Proclamation
    by Beverly Gordon
  30. It Was Long, Long Ago
    by Ray Shermer
  31. Yarivah Eavesdrops by the Boys’ Bunkroom
    by Laurence Foshee
  32. A Visit from a Cyclops
    by Milton Ehrlich
  33. Blink
    by Bill McCloud
  34. James T. Chadbourne III Has an Adventure
    by Jamie Scott
  35. Shoulder
    by Jan Edwards Hemming
  36. On (Not) Writing During Quarantine
    by Darren Chase
  37. Something to Wipe Off
    by Karen J. Cantrell
  38. Living Bread
    by Beverly Gordon
  39. To sleep. Oh yes, to sleep
    by Ray Shermer
  40. The Dog
    by Jonathan Harper
  41. Issue 8: Fall 2020
    by Charles Templeton

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Charles Templeton is an Editor Emeritus of eMerge, the online magazine of The Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow, and the author of the Amazon bestselling novel, Boot: A Sorta Novel of Vietnam. Charles also compiled and edited The Dairy Hollow Exco: An Anthology of Selected Works from eMerge, the Online Magazine of the Writers’ Colony at Dairy Hollow.