Finding the Beast

Always wondering how
beasts get in
calling to us
down to the bone
every sinew
forming a monster
God, an angel of
in my heart
jumping beneath
killing the beat
loving the life
meatiness ingrained
nothing not overturned
others barely breathing
pounding through the bone 
quintessential rebirth of soul
reading the beat ranking the lifeform
seething with armor and with no armor
teething voraciously gnarly in snake form
under the flesh created with meaning or none
vilified trashed beating jumping wanting none
where least expected but real in creation, in tome
yet a deep warmth very deep hidden beneath the monster
zabutons calling to life to the monster to finding truth again.

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About the Author

Linda Dimitroff is a writer, artist and owner of Graffia Gallery on the shores of Lake Michigan. She lives with her husband, John, and their sassy cat, Sandy.

Linda Dimitroff
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