While I was at War…

My hair started turning white

While God took a vacation
To work with Stephen Hawking
On his second law of black hole dynamics

Mrs God knew
It was God’s way of saying
He would be out chasing Jung women
She was Jung once herself

I had been sucked into a black hole
where you could smell your hair turning white
before you saw it

Where both past and present
flickered past
like a star burst flare reflecting on
a rice paddy

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About the Author

Charles Templeton is the author of the best-selling, surreal historical novel, Boot: A Sorta Novel of Vietnam. When he is not singing at the Metropolitan Opera, you can find him in Eureka Springs, where he is currently an editor/publisher at eMerge, an online literary magazine. Charles wakes up daily and is thankful for the opportunity to offer creative literature to a diverse audience from emerging and established authors. He knows that whatever vicissitudes life throws at him, it will always be better than shovelin’ shit in the South China Sea.