Are You OK?

Are you OK?

I can’t tell you
how many times
over the years that
family or close friends
have asked me that question

I always thought it was
silly a dumb question
Of course I am
What are you talking about?

Looking back now
all these years later
I’m thinking that when they
were looking into my eyes
they were seeing a future time

A time like now
when the question
makes so much sense

but no one’s asking

(for my dad)

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About the Author

Bill McCloud is a poetry editor for the Right Hand Pointing literary journal and is the poetry reviewer for Vietnam Veterans of America. His poetry book, The Smell of the Light, reached #1 on The Oklahoman’s “Oklahoma Bestsellers List." His poems have appeared in Oklahoma Today and the Oklahoma English Journal. He is a faculty member of William Bernhardt’s annual WriterCon, presenting sessions on writing and publishing poetry.

Bill McCloud
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