Two Men and a Truck

WBPC Winner - Pushcart Nominee

Packing up knick-knacks
In six months old
Taping bottoms, up
Of grocery store boxes
Sweeping up the dust
Of an old relationship
Moving out, moving in
More to life, living alone
Consequences too great
Together we clashed
Like polka-dots and stripes
Too loose, or too tight
It just didn’t fit me right
I’m crying my eyes out tonight
But, when I awake
Tomorrow morning
It will be a new day
I’ll be on my way
Footloose and fancy-free
Do what I want and say
What I please
No longer the prisoner
Who packed up these pieces
Of freedom, today
And moved away
In a truck
Without the two men.

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About the Author

I am originally from Houston, Texas. I moved to NW Arkansas in 2003 for the pristine and challenging natural environment of the Ozark forests. Now, I am a retired teacher, and finally have time to work on my writing projects. I am a member of the Ozark Mountain Poets and Poet’s Roundtable of Arkansas. I have enjoyed reading my poetry at many open mic opportunities around NW Arkansas for many years.

Antonia Love
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