Simplicity / The Cutting Edge

Simplicity is a capsule
Holding infinity.

The Cutting Edge

Big talk from big lips
Big promises big slips
Big push for a big grip
Big tumble into bigger dip.

Little handle, little control
Little push into little mold
Little person little too bold
Little took, a little crook stole.

Closed eyes, closed ears
Closed life to closed tears
Closed budget, closed fears
Closed court, closed years.

Simple mind, simple tick of time
Simple reason for simple crime
Simple rent on a simple dime
Simple me, writes simple rhyme.

Outside denies inside view
One mistake a multiple few
One chance to escape you
One word not two.

Don’t look back, I’m on front row
I’ll shrink the image, then I’ll grow
I’ll forget, then I’ll know
I’ll fall apart, to turn and go.

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About the Author

I am originally from Houston, Texas. I moved to NW Arkansas in 2003 for the pristine and challenging natural environment of the Ozark forests. Now, I am a retired teacher, and finally have time to work on my writing projects. I am a member of the Ozark Mountain Poets and Poet’s Roundtable of Arkansas. I have enjoyed reading my poetry at many open mic opportunities around NW Arkansas for many years.

Antonia Love
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