Principal Life

If you died tomorrow,
God forbid, says my friend,
the insurance agent provocateur,
if there is a God, it’s his guess as good as
mine, forbid that you should die tomorrow,
that is. The day after tomorrow might be more
convenient, I reply. Tomorrow, you see, is fully booked,
I have events up the ying-yang starting with my morning
coffee with the boys, and as for today I’m afraid the calendar
is already chock-full. Damned if I wouldn’t have a helluva
time finding time today to pay down even that measly
one dollar on the one-hundred-thousand-dollar life
insurance policy. God forbid indeed such a thing
should happen to a mere mortal man. Can’t
Principal just mind its own business today?

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A native Minnesotan, Greg Zeck taught college English and did freelance business writing in the Midwest. He’s published fiction and poetry in such magazines as Ambit, Bogg, Moon Magazine, and the Spoon River Quarterly. Ten years ago, he retired with his wife Jennifer to Fayetteville, Arkansas. Last year he published a first book of poetry, Transitions, and is coming out this fall with a second book, Lost & Found: Poems Found All Around.

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