In the voice of Samanta Schweblin

Gravid, rigid, inexact, orality
has always made me uncomfortable.
Consider how easy it is to open the mouth

and say something that afterward we’d rather
not have said, how terrifying to name out loud
this thing that hasn’t been said and now it’s

something real: angry, irrevocable action,
reaction, whirlwinds provoked by words.
This is why I would rather give up speaking,

you see, and stick to putting down on the page
one word after the other, choosing carefully,
eschewing the noises and dangers of speaking,

so stopping the cacophony of the all too merry
go round, giving me the time I need to say exactly
what I want to say to master this little world.

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A native Minnesotan, Greg Zeck taught college English and did freelance business writing in the Midwest. He’s published fiction and poetry in such magazines as Ambit, Bogg, Moon Magazine, and the Spoon River Quarterly. Ten years ago, he retired with his wife Jennifer to Fayetteville, Arkansas. Last year he published a first book of poetry, Transitions, and is coming out this fall with a second book, Lost & Found: Poems Found All Around.

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