Me the Hellhound

When I dare to be powerful
I eat the world alive.
There is no helping any of you
You won’t be my friend–
Silence will sink us –
I might not say anything
But the vibration
Of me will judder
In your palms.
Oh how you itch to
Leave how you wish
To be free to
Find yourself back in a park
Swinging in the flat sunshine
Flying free over cement
Baby-face and rolls
A cozy sitter nearby
Heedless of the others.
This is your rollercoaster
To emancipate the treasures
Of your heart – out
Around through you.
No need to play with
The lurkers no need to
Open up to them no need to
Launch yourself into
Their foray, to collide
With the cruel
Shape of their words
As they cut zigs
Into the grass.
You’ve forgotten,
Haven’t you, why you are
Here? It’s the long slow
Play to run away from
Me from me from
Me the hellhound who
Tucks inside
Mirrors, creeps in
Gloom, slurs into
Mistakes the rakes the villains
And somehow bares logic
Once cemented and
Decided to speak up –
Oh no. No, no.
We are revealed in our
Discomfort. So you
Sit with the heart of
Maleficent, love pounding,
Wonder worrying:
What is my next
Iteration? Will it be
Mud, apostasy,
A screech owl
Rending the night
With her vow to
Retreat? Friend,
Tell me what you

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Elizabeth G. Howard is poet, journalist, and digital marketing specialist. She founded Demand Poetry in 2008, writing original poetry at virtual and live at events on her Olivetti 33 typewriter. Her writing has been published in Boston Literary Magazine, American Craft, Bentlily among many others. She is member of the Writing Workshop Kansas City and a resident of the Writer’s Colony at Dairy Hollow. She calls Iowa, London, and Kansas City home.

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