The dark doesn’t frighten me.
Evening is the softest word,
A velvet garment for the day’s
Transition into night.

The dark doesn’t frighten me.
Especially with the gloom of rain,
Night arrives as a rowdy
Aunt shaking off droplets
Hurtling apologies.

The dark does not frighten me --
She owns the twilight and makes
Lightning more electric. Thunder
And she are my lullaby.

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Elizabeth G. Howard is poet, journalist, and digital marketing specialist. She founded Demand Poetry in 2008, writing original poetry at virtual and live at events on her Olivetti 33 typewriter. Her writing has been published in Boston Literary Magazine, American Craft, Bentlily among many others. She is member of the Writing Workshop Kansas City and a resident of the Writer’s Colony at Dairy Hollow. She calls Iowa, London, and Kansas City home.

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