Lost in YOU

I lost myself in you
In your ability to give the impression that my dreams were real.
In the beautiful smile that you flashed right before making me promises that would never last.
In your warm embrace that made my heart race.

I lost myself in you
Striving for perfection so you would never want to run in the other direction.
Molding myself into the person I believed you wanted to see, but losing the best parts of me.
Emerging myself in your world so deeply that I forgot to create my own.
Loving you so greatly that I forgot how to stand alone.

I lost myself in you.
So, what do I do now that you are gone?
How do I breathe, when it feels as though you took all the air the day you left me?
Where do I start now that I am traveling through life alone?

I lost myself in you.
Now I have to learn what it means to be strong.
When will the moment arrive where smiling without you stops feeling so wrong?
How to feel with someone new what I once felt with you. What it means to pick up the pieces of my heart now that you are gone.

Losing myself in you was easy, but finding myself without you is destiny.

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Just a half blind visionary waiting to see what’s gonna happen next…👀