The road is endless, frozen, and forbidden.
It is calling me.
The city is shrouded in silence, a winter wonderland.
I can go now.
No one is near.
I wrap my dark wool coat close to my body.
One deep breath.
The skis crackle underneath my weight,
bumping and gliding over the uneven surface.
Eager to take me away.
My heart is pounding.
It sends a frisson of excitement through me.
The air is cold, drying my tears.
I have hope.
Except for the glow of light in our bedroom window,
the shadow of him, who will come for me.
Startled, I flinch.
The echo is haunting as darkness overtakes me.

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About the Author

Born and raised in New York City. I have been lucky enough to live in various countries, including France, where I wrote lyrics for French up-and-coming singers and jingles for radio stations. I now enjoy retired life on a ranch in Northwest Montana.

Holly Ellison
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