Arkansas Haikus

Technology grief
Feelings of incompetence
Fight- feelings at least.

Trumpets hark of doom
Black swan with orange toupee
Divides the water.

Prairie fires are low,
Fake news is the oxygen.
The truth disappears in flames.

Prioritize. Pray.
Find oxygen in water.
Drown fear, have your say.

Regulation woes.
Deregulation chaos.
Where do I fit in?

Sure of their leanings,
Lemmings are marching this year.
The cliff is a myth.

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About the Author

Sharon Spurlin majored in sociology, education, and had 28 hours in French, then taught high school for four years in Independence, MIssouri. Later, she taught global issues, focusing on women and children for the workshops created by the National Council of Churches and United Methodist Women. Sharon shares a synergistic relationship with her friends and family through her love of books. She continues to write as a platform of self-discovery and to explore her love of humanity and for a deeper understanding of human nature.

Sharon Spurlin
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