A Garden Morning

The morning air has a canopy of sweet, light fog. 

The temperature is perfect for my summer sweater. 

The birds fill the trees with their chirping calling and answering 

from the 21 trees in my sight.  

Sometimes, I hear the flutter of their wings as they fly above me.

I am sitting in a bower of redbuds 

and when I look up 

I see thousands of little, floating hearts in myriad shades of green. 

I breathe deeply with satisfaction.

This moment heals. 

 My body feels differently, very relaxed as does my mind and chest,

 or should I say heart.

 I think heart is just right.

This is enough. I have enough. I am without wants and worries.  

This is enough, I have enough.

I am without wants and worries.

I am enough.

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About the Author

Sharon Spurlin majored in sociology, education, and had 28 hours in French, then taught high school for four years in Independence, MIssouri. Later, she taught global issues, focusing on women and children for the workshops created by the National Council of Churches and United Methodist Women. Sharon shares a synergistic relationship with her friends and family through her love of books. She continues to write as a platform of self-discovery and to explore her love of humanity and for a deeper understanding of human nature.

Sharon Spurlin
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